Our areas of intervention

We co-create the changes desired by companies, acting on three major areas of intervention.


The corporate culture is deeply rooted in people and their ways of working: to transform it, strategic initiatives that add value and have an impact on an emotional, rational and relationship level are needed. A structured Cultural Change Management Plan is fundamental to create the desired culture, starting from people’s values, attitudes, behaviours and actions.

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In transformational programs, it is vital to consider the impact of change on leadership and professionals, on their roles and the operational management. In this context, it is important to identify the new expected behaviours and design an experiential journey that enables and ingrains the new ways of working through team building and the sharing of ideas and best practices.


The company can reach its strategic business objectives solely through coordinating the actions of all the stakeholders involved. In order to do this, it is important to develop a shared organisational model, where roles, responsibilities and processes are clear in order to improve the efficiency, competitiveness and the impact in the market.

Our services

& Climate Check-Up

We identify the strategic challenges for the company and the culture needed to reach business objectives. The next step is to take a snap-shot of how the current culture is perceived by the employees and managers through interviews, focus groups and surveys, in order to identify the gaps with respect to the desired culture.

Performance Evaluation
& Reward

We support HR in the re-definition of performance evaluations and reward, the levers that facilitate change, and involve management to act as the motor that drives the transformation.

and Internal Marketing

We create internal communication and marketing initiatives that support the Change, structured in phases based on the communication goals, and targeted to the different populations within the company. These initiatives are fundamental tomaximise the effectiveness of the change and ensure the overall commitment to the transformation.

Agility Coaching & Education

We design individual or team development paths that guide people in the discovery of their interior resources and help them to acquire new competencies and tools. This ensures the growth of individuals, top management and the organisation.


In order to help the customermap the competencies and potential within the company and design successful development plans, we carry out assessments based on a competency model developed together with the Client.

Workshop & Lab

We initiate moments of evolution and trainingaimed at exploring managerial and innovative topics designed to encourage people in collective moments of learning, co-design and sharing of best practices.

Definition of the drivers
of Change

In order to change successfully, it is essential to clarify the journey needed to reach the desired transformation. This means defining the guiding principles of change, declining the Model of Leadership and the positive behaviors to be carried out in order to make the change happen. This means setting the guiding principles of change, defining the Leadership Model and the positive behaviours needed for Change to happen.

Organizational redesign
also of processes

The design of the new operating model and processes are one of the pillars of change. This means defining a new way of working: the activities, procedures, responsibilities and relationships that exist within the newly designed organisation.

Human Capital & Artificial Intelligence

a synergy to facilitate Change

Pepper, our Robot Consultant, is a precious ally when it comes to giving further added value to the projects designed by our consultants.

We believe that in this historical moment where Digital Transformation is core and unavoidable, the human factor remains at the heart of every winning idea and project, while technology can be a decisive means to achieve success in a smart and intuitive way.

The priorities of the Change


Transforming one’s ideas and choices into business actions, in a quicker and more efficient way


Encouraging contribution that drives people towards the achievement of personal and company objectives.

Well-being and Welfare

Using the organisation as a lever to focuson personal wellbeing, satisfaction and productivity.

Organizational efficiency

Optimising operating costs without impacting market competitiveness.


Development and empowerment of peopleto achievepersonal and corporate goalsusing of the maximum expression of their potential.

Digital Culture

Integration within the organizational culture of the distinctive characteristics of the mindset and of digital technologiesthat become a concrete lever of competitiveness and value creation.

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